What will ARTISTICC do?

ARTISTICC’s consortium will:

Address the following science question: what are the coastal community-level challenges into the definition and implementation of scientifically robust, evidence-based adaptation policies?

In order to answer this question ARTISTICC’s consortium will:

Develop an overarching transdisciplinary framework, rooted in integrative risk governance theory, and geared at understanding how evidence-based coastal adaptation policies may be developed and adopted.

Conduct fieldwork, in a high diversity of settings, rooted in the Natural Sciences, the Social Sciences and the Humanities in order to yield disciplinary robust results from which will be built corpuses on which the overarching transidisciplinary framework will be implemented.

Devise and implement an experiment in the cultural mediation of coastal adaptation sciences, using ARTISTICC’s results to produce local artwork.

Engage in an innovative policy briefs co-construction with NGOs and policy makers, using all the outputs of the project , this being conducted online. This last step will allow en enquiry into the performative values of the various outputs of the project, thus exploring through a high diversity of setting, the integration of adaptation science with policy design.

The purpose of ARTISTICC is thus to conduct a trans-disciplinary scientific enquiry into the conditions under which genuine evidence-based policy-making may occur, this within the context of coastal adaptation to climate change.