What will be the outcomes of ARTISTICC?

The main contribution of ARTISTICC will be the identification of the coastal community-level challenges to the definition and implementation of scientifically robust, evidence-based adaptation policies. This will be achieved through the integration of the following key outcomes:

  • a robust, ground-tested, procedure for using available climate and impact science for developing locally meaningful scenarios fostering adaptation;
  • a robust, ground-tested, procedure for understanding current adaptation pathways as they enable future adaption;
  • a robust, ground-tested, procedure for linking adaptation strategies to memories of past changes;
  • clarified understanding of the meaning of adaptation as a multidimensional and multi-temporal concept for coastal communities;
  • developed understanding of the role of the cultural mediation of science through narratives and art for the purpose of fostering local action for coastal adaptation;
  • a robust scoping of the performativity for policy design of natural, human and social sciences, the humanities, as well as art-based science mediation;
  • a production of a set of co-constructed policy briefs addressing the coastal community-level challenges to the defining evidence-based adaptation policies.